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Hayat Varlık Yönetim A.Ş. (“Hayat Varlık”), one of the leading asset management companies of Turkey, was originally established in 2008 under a resolution passed by Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (“BRSA”). Hayat Varlık Academy was established in 2013 with the slogan “Lifelong Development” to support the development of all Hayat Varlık employees and add value to their business and social lives. Click for detailed information about Hayat Varlık.

Message From The CEO…

When we started out in 2009, we had a belief: there are always troubles in life, and most of the troubles have a solution over time. Financial problems, too.  This approach has been adopted by our debtor customers as well.  They saw that the financial equations that seemed difficult or even impossible to solve were resolved over time. We started with one, two cases, then we resolved thousands of debts and now we’re headed for two hundred thousand. The business model we developed based on our relationship with our customers is being discussed today as a reference case study at the Harvard Business School.

When we entered this sector, we had no idea how much we had to invest in people and technology. Over time, as our business grew, we were able to get portfolios and find the credits to finance them, but we had problems meeting the increasing needs of personnel and technology. We were growing fast and the relationship with our customers was getting longer.  There were long-term payment plans, as well as customer relationship management processes in which some customers’ credits went beyond 2 years after a portfolio entry. However, the rate of return of people in the industry was 6-9 months. At this stage, we have taken critical human management decisions. The most radical of these decisions was to establish a corporate academy and train all our agents, specialists and managers here. Not only would the people educated by the academy be a good credit solution specialist, but we also developed programs that would help them to develop themselves unlimitedly. Of course everyone has different levels of interest and curiosity. Not everyone learns the same way. Over time, our Academy evolves to respond to this need.

Our Academy is still the only corporate academy of our sector. It is very successful. 70% of our executives are from this academy. To be curious, to have a desire to succeed, to be able to think differently and to be passionate are the “indispensables” in the Hayat Varlık family. To support the professional and personal development of young people who have these qualities and to add value to their lives are the success criteria that I have set for myself. I hope that our corporate academy, established with the slogan of “Development, Lifelong” and thriving today, continues to be an environment of fulfilling the goals and dreams for more and more professionals.

Our Philosophy

As the first and only corporate academy in the sector, Hayat Varlık Academy, without exception, contributes to the training and development of all Hayat Varlık employees, taking their personal and managerial competencies to the highest level and constantly improving their performance. We believe that no matter what age we are, whether we are in education or whatever our mission is, learning is a lifelong process that does not stop after school. Our Academy has started with the slogan of “Lifelong Development” in 2013 and continues to grow stronger every day since its foundation, contributing to our business results in parallel with our corporate strategies. Through its leading communication and development professionals, internal trainers and co-educational philosophy, in cooperation with the Boğaziçi University’s Lifelong Learning Center “BÜYEM”, Hayat Varlık Academy offers a strong, pleasant learning experience to its employees who wish to develop themselves, their career and life.

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